Flag Officers and Board of Governors

Flag Officers

Commodore – Larry Mouton, (251)-802-7914
Vice Commodore –Bill Miller
Rear Commodore – John Robert Deputy
Recording Secretary – Rob Hangen
Fleet Captain – Karl Kleinschrodt
Sargent in Arms – Chris Shine
Parliamentarian – Harvie Jordan

Board Members

Chairman: Johnny Wacker
Vice-Chair: Dawn Deputy
Board Members: Alan Layton, Joe Cowart, Stewart Hanley, Rusty Johnson, Ken Kleinschrodt

Other Officers:

Treasurer – Lisa Huffstetter
Corresponding Secretary – Lewis Philips

Committee Chairs

Below are contacts for questions or to volunteer. Each of these committees needs volunteers to provide fun activities, quality sailing events as well as to maintain the facilities great condition.

Harbor – Allocates and maintains all boat storage areas.
Chair – Perry Hockaday, (251) 654-2020
Dry Storage – Rob Hangen, (251) 662-6922

Entertainment – Plans and executed all fun activities.
Chair – Devlin and Kim Wilson

Grounds – Maintain all club grounds. Organizes work days.
Chair – Scott Peck, (850) 730-9883

House Maintenance – Maintains Club House.
Chair – Mary Gartman

Bar – Supervises the operation of the bar by purchasing all materials and supplies, scheduling bartenders, planing bar activities.
Chair – Sam Wacker, (251) 583-1605

Grill Hut – Maintains Grill Hut and associated restrooms.
Chair – Joe Cowart,  (251) 605-0228

Regatta – Plans and implements the publicity and trophies needed for regattas as well as coordinates with other appropriate committees.
Chair – John Robert Deputy

Youth – Promotes and organizes the Cadet and Youth sailing programs.
Chair – Melanie Wacker

Buccanettes – Support the efforts of the Buccaneer Yacht Club.
Chair – Nancy Gardner

House Rules –Recommends rules and regulations as necessary for the government of the Club.
Chair – Jorge Kemnade

Racing – Conducts all races sponsored by the club.
Chair – Jim “Doc” Hunter,  (251) 454-6858

Boat Maintenance – Maintains all club-owned boats
Chair – Karl Kleinschrodt, (251) 895-0655

GYA Coordinator – Serves as the club representative at Gulf Yachting Association meetings.
Chair – Karl Kleinschrodt, (251) 895-0655

Pool – Maintains pool, pool grounds and dressing rooms.
Chair – Lewis Philips, (251) 391-2815

Other Contacts

Web Administrator: Margaret Jordan